Flexible Solar Panel

This is the perfect solar panel for anyone looking for something durable and easy to install in many applications.  Great for off-grid or on the go, you can mount this just about anywhere – be it your cabin, tree house, boat, off-road vehicle or camper to name a few.  At 3mm thick and only 4lbs, you can bend this panel safely 30 degrees to accommodate various applications.  4 metal reinforced mounting holes and standard MC4 connections allow easy attachment and installation.

ETFE panels are superior over PET/TPT, offering much better reliability and durability.  ETFE is more suited to handle just about any environment, including hot and dry.  They also perform great in a marine environment as they are naturally more resistant to corrosion.

15 Years Power Output Warranty

12 Months Quality Warranty

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product description

flexible solar panel for boat

Lightweight & Ultra-thin Design

Light as 5.0kg/375wat and as thin as 2.5mm to meet therequirements of various low-load projects.

Easy to Transport,Carry And Install

The solar panel suits most curved surfaces sa it is bendable within 240 degrees.It weights only 1/3 of the rigid panel and presents an all-black glare-free appearance.

flexible solar panel cell
flexible solar panels for caravan

Ultra High Flexibility

Using ultra-thin silicon wafers and advanced organic polymerpackaging materials, the bending radius is up to 0.30m, which canperfectly fit all kinds of curved roofing.

Efficient and Reliable

The front side of the component has no main grid shielding, which improves the battery conversion efficiency and provides excellent electric performance under low light conditions.

flexible solar panel cell

Product Data

 60w Flexible Solar panel100w Flexible Solar panel140w Flexible Solar panel375w Flexible Solar panel
CellMonoSunpower MonoMonoMono
IP ratingIP67IP67IP67IP67
More watts can be customized!

Product Application

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